Note: If a user is seeing Error: Configuration Problem it is most likely that they do not have a role associated with any of the groups they have been assigned. If you see this error, contact your Administrator.

Step 1: As an Administrator, click on People in the side menu

Step 2: Search for the user with the configuration problem

Step 3: Click on the users tile

Step 4: On their profile, Under groups, take note of the groups they are in.

Step 5: Click on Groups and search for each of these groups. Check that there is a role assigned to at least one of the groups.

Groups with no roles look like:

  • It is perfectly fine to have no roles attached to a group.

Groups with an assigned role looks like:

  • You want at least one of the user's groups to look similar to this.

Step 6: If there is no role assigned to any of the groups:

  • create a new group with a role and assign this to the user; or
  • assign a role to one of the user's group by clicking choose under Roles and selecting one of the roles

If you are still experiencing problems, contact support by clicking on the blue icon inside xapiapps.