Reading Time: 50 seconds

Step 1: Click People in the side menu

Step 2: Click on New Person or search and select an existing user

Step 3: Enter or edit the user's details


  • this is the name displayed in xapiapps
  • this value does not need to be unique

Login Name

  • this is the value that the user can use to log into xapiapps
  • this value should be unique
  • the login name is "case insensitive" i.e. XAPIAPPSadmin is equivalent to xapiappsadmin

Email (optional)

  • this is the email address that notifications from xapiapps will be sent to
  • this value should be unique
  • the user can use this email to log into xapiapps


  • the group the user is in can affect their view of xapiapps
  • by default they are added to a learner group
  • a user can be apart of multiple groups

Photo Upload (optional)

  • Click on Upload New Photo to upload an avatar for the user


  • Clicking Send Invitation will send an email to the user and allow them to set their own password
  • Admins can set a password on a user by impersonating the user