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This tutorial will take you through:

  1. creating your own learning experience pathway; and
  2. assigning the learning experience to yourself to complete.


  • Self Assessment App installed
  • YouTube App Installed

Instructions on installing apps are here

This is part 1 of 3 in the Getting Started with Learning eXperience Builder Tutorial.

Create and Author Pathway

Step 1: In Learning eXperience Builder > Click Manage tab

Step 2: Click New Pathway to create a new learning experience pathway

Step 3: Enter in the name of the pathway

Step 4: Enter in a description for the pathway

Step 5: Click Add Step and choose Self Assessment

Make sure you have the Self Assessment App installed

Step 6: Select a self assessment

Ignore Due / Expires settings for now. Click Add Step.

Step 7: Click + button at the bottom of the Self Assessment step.

Step 8: Choose Successful

Step 9: Click Add Step and choose YouTube

Step 10: Paste a YouTube url in. Here's one you can use:

Step 11: Click Add Step

Step 12: Click + button at the bottom of the YouTube step .

> Choose Successful

> Click Add Step

> Choose Assign Badge

Your final path should look something like this.

Part 1 is complete!
You have created a pathway with three steps.

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