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This is part 3 of 3 for Getting Stared with Learning eXperience Builder Tutorial.

Previous parts of this tutorial:

Part 1: Create and Author a Pathway

Part 2: Assign a Pathway

For any learning you've been assigned, a notification will be sent to your xapiapps inbox (and email inbox if you have that configured).

It can take a few seconds after assigning the pathway... before you receive the notification.

When the learning has been assigned, you will also see an increase in the chip number next to your My Learning.

Step 1: Click My Learning in the side menu

Step 2: Look for New First Pathway (whatever you named your pathway) in your learning list.

Step 3: Click Start on the Self Assessment task.

Step 4: Complete the Self Assessment task and click Submit.

You will be redirected to My Learning.

The task might say "Completing..." which means data is being sent to the server and the next task will be unlocked shortly.

If it's taking a while... try and refresh your browser.

Step 6: The YouTube task should be unlocked shortly, and can be launched. Click Start on the YouTube Task.

Step 8: Watch the video. Once you're done click on Close.

The pathway is now successfully completed.

You'll see that in achievable badges there is small tick next to the badge.

Step 9: Click on My Skills and you should see the badge from the pathway awarded to you.

This is the learning experience pathway you have just completed in your learning.

Hope you can see the connection between pathways and learning tasks.

Part 3 Complete!
You have completed the Getting Started Guide for Learning eXperience Builder.