This doc is a little outdated.. contact us if you need help with this.

Relationships can be used to configure relations between groups.
A user's profile can reflect who their coach, supervisor, mentor, buddy etc... is.

Tutorial scenario: Store Manager group has a supervising relationship with Sales group.

Step 1: Click Groups in the side menu

Step 2: Search and select the group that is the "protege" of the relationship.

In our scenario we search for the Sales group

Other examples:

  • Mentor and Mentee relationship, search for the Mentee group
  • Teacher and Student relationship, search for the Student group

Step 4: Next to Relationships click Add

Step 5: In the dialogue, name the relationship.

In our scenario, we'll name it Supervisor.

Step 6: Select the group that is the "superior" of the relationship.

In our scenario, we choose Store Manager.

Step 7 (optional): Toggle Multiple to true if the "protege" of the relationship can have more than one person as their "superior".

Step 8: Click OK

Step 9: Under Members tab on the group page, select a user.
Make sure that you are on the group page for the "protege" e.g. in our example it is the Sales group

Step 10: Click on Choose a

In our scenario is Supervisor

Step 11: Choose the person / people who have this relationship with the user

In our scenario notice that only people from the Store Manager appear for selection.