Reading Time: 1 minute

You need to add the coach checklist to a pathway for it to be assigned to a learner.

Step 1: Click on Coach Checklists in the side menu

Step 2: Click on Manage

Step 3: Search and select the coach checklist you want to assign

Step 4: Click Add to Pathway

The checklist must be published for this button to be enabled

Step 5: Click Create New

The coaching step will be automatically added to a new pathway, with the coach set to one of your Admin groups by default.

In this example it has added Store Manager as the default group.

Step 6: Change the coach if you want.

The coach group is the one that will oversee and perform the coaching on the learner

  1. Click on the coach step
  2. Click on the vertical 3 dots
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Click on Coach
  5. Search and select the group you want as the coach
  6. Click Save

Step 7: Name this pathway

Step 8: Add a description for this pathway (optional)

Step 9: Click Assign

Step 10: Click Choose Learners

Step 11: Search and select for the learner(s) you want to assign the coaching to.

Click OK

The learner is the one that is being assessed

Step 12: Click OK to assign to the learner(s).

You can view a list of people you have assigned the pathway to if you click History.