Reading Time: 1 minute

You need to add a training agenda to a pathway for group training to be assigned to a learner.

Step 1: Click on Group Training in the side menu

Step 2: Click on Manage Agendas

Step 3: Search and select the training agenda you want to assign

Step 4: Click Add to Pathway

The assessment must be published for this button to be enabled

Step 5: Click Create New

The group training step will be automatically added to a new pathway.

Step 6: Name this pathway

Step 7: Add a description for this pathway (optional)

Step 8: Click Assign

Step 9: Click Choose Learners

Step 10: Search and select for the learner(s) you want to assign the group training to.

Click OK

Step 11: Click OK to assign to the learner(s).

You can view a list of people you have assigned the pathway to if you click History.