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Who can perform group training:

  • Administrators

See How Group Training App works for an overview.

Step 1: Click on Group Training in the side menu

Step 2: Click Create Session

Step 3: Give the group training session a name

Step 4: Click Choose a Training agenda and choose the associating agenda

Click OK

You will be redirected to a group training session page with the selected agenda attached.

Step 5: Under People click Add

Step 6: In the dialogue click Choose groups

Step 7: Search and select group you assigned the group training to

Click OK

COMMON PITFALL! This only filters the list of users. It does not select the users in this group.
IGNORE this step if you did not assign group training to a group

Step 8: Select the users attending this group training

Click OK

Users will be added to the group training, with the default status Has arrived.

You can select the user to change their status to Has Arrived & Left. More options are in settings (spanner icon).

Step 9: Click start button to begin the group training session

The group training app does not record sound.

Step 10: Go through the agenda as per usual.

  • Select people to mark them as arrived or has left during anytime in the meeting.
  • The group training app will record attendance of these users at each item of the agenda

Step 11: Once you're done with the agenda. Click the pause button.

Step 12: Click Close Session to end the group training session.

You will see this Red banner to indicate the group training has been closed.

Step 13: Click View Audit Report

The report will state who was present during which points of the group training, including the timing details.

Anyone assigned the group training task with this agenda and attended this training session, will have it marked off as complete.