Step 1: Click SCORM Cloud (demo) in the side menu to expand it.

Click Manage tab

This is a list of SCORM Cloud content from our demo SCORM Cloud account.

Step 2: Click on one of these items and you should see an overview of settings for them.

You can click Preview to preview the content

Step 3: Click Add to Pathway

This button will only enable if you publish the content

Step 4: Click Create New

The SCORM Cloud step will be automatically be added to a learning experience pathway.

Step 5: Name this pathway

Step 6: Add a description for this pathway (optional)

Step 7: Click Assign

Step 8: Click Choose Learners

Step 9: Search and select a learner you want to assign this to.

Click OK

Step 10: Click OK to assign the pathway to the learner.