Reading Time: 50 seconds

Step 1: Click on Learning eXperience Builder in the side menu

Step 2: Click the Manage tab

Step 3: Click New Pathway

Step 4: Name the pathway

Step 5: Enter a description for the pathway (optional)

Step 6: Click Add Step

Step 7: In the drop down select Link

Step 8: Paste in the Link url into the dialogue

Here's a sample one:

Step 9: You'll see a preview of the content and underneath that you'll see pre-filled title and description. Edit these if you like.

Step 10: Click Add Step

You now have a Link step in the pathway

Step 11: Click Assign

Step 12: Click Choose Learners

Step 13: Search and select for the learner(s) you want to assign the link task to.

Click OK

The learner is the one that is being assessed

Step 14: Click OK to assign to the learner(s).

Step 15: Click on History to see who you've assigned this pathway to