You can send notifications to users inside pathways . Example cases:

  • You need to Inform a Supervisor that the Learner was Unsuccessful in a Step in a Pathway

  • You need to Inform a Manager that the Learner Completed their Training, so that the Manager can Approve and Award the Learner a Badge

  • You need to Inform the Mentor that a Self Assessment has been Completed and the Learner's Responses needs to be Checked

This tutorial has a total of 8 steps.

Step 1: Click on Learning eXperience Builder in the side menu to expand it

Step 2: Click Manage and New Pathway

Step 3: Click Add Step add in the task you wish the user to complete before achieving the badge

Note: Notifications cannot be assigned as the first step in a training path

Follow steps 3-8 in the following tutorials to add Observation Checklist/ Coach / Self Assessment / Group Training.


Step 4: Click Add Step and choose Send Notification


Step 5: Search and select the message template you want to send


Step 6: Search and select the people to notify


The notification step will then be added to the pathway. You can add other steps to the pathway if you like.

Step 7: Assign the pathway using any of the options in Step 8.

Once the user finishes the tasks in the steps above the notification step, the people will be notified.


Step 8: There are 3 options you can use to assign the pathway to a user. You can use any combinations of these.

Option 1 - Assign the pathway to users directly. See Assign Pathway to Users.

Option 2 - Share pathway to the user's group library. See Share Training Path to Group Library.

Once shared to the user's library, they can assign the pathway to themselves whenever they like.

Option 3 - Add the pathway as an automatic assignment when new members are added to the group. See Automatic pathway assignment for new group members.