Step 1: Login to your xapiapps.

Step 2: In the sidebar, click Manage Apps

Step 3: Under "Learning Record Store"  click the "Watershed LRS" logo.

Step 4: Hit the Install button. 

You'll need three details from your Watershed LRS:

  • your "endpoint";
  • your key;
  • your secret.


Step 5: Log into Watershed LRS 

If you don't have a Watershed login, you'll need to  contact Watershed LRS.

Step 6: In Watershed LRS click on Data (at the top) and then xAPI Data Sources (on the side).

1. Endpoint

The endpoint should be at the top. 

Make a note of the endpoint.

2. Key & Secret

Click the blue Add Activity Provider button.

A new row will appear.

Make a note the key and secret.

Step 7: Complete the integration by going back to xapiapps.

Step 8: Fill in your Endpoint, your Key and Secret in xapiapps. 

Hit the "Complete Installation" button