Step 1:Login to xapiapps.

Step 2: In the sidebar, click Manage Apps.

Step 3: Scroll down to Learning Record Store.

Click the Yet Analytics logo.

Step 4: Hit the Install button. 

You'll need three details from your Yet Analytics LRS:

  • LRS Endpoint
  • your API Key;
  • your Key Secret.

Step 5: Get Your Yet Analytics LRS Details

Sign up if you haven't already, to get a login.

Once you login, in the top bar click the menu button.

Click on the settings button on your LRS instance and click INFO

1. Endpoint

Make a note of your Endpoint.

2. API Key

Make a note of your API Key.

3. API Key Secret

Make a note of you API Key Secret.

Step 6: Go back to the xapiapps.

Step 7: Fill in your:

  1. Endpoint
  2. API Key
  3. API Secret Key

Hit the "Complete Installation" button