Reading Time: 1 minute

This tutorial will take you through:

  1. grouping pathways into topics
  2. creating a supervisor library where supervisors (observers / coaches) can assign pathways


  • Pathways you want to group
    • A tutorial on creating pathways with the Learning eXperience Builder is here.

Step 1: Under Training Management in the side menu click on Supervisor Library

Step 2: Click on Manage

Step 3: Click on New Topic

Step 4: Enter a name

Step 5: Enter a description (optional)

Step 6: Click Add Pathway

Step 7: Select the pathways you want to add.

Click OK

Your pathways should appear under Pathways.

If you selected more than 10 pathways to add to the topic, it may take a while before it shows up. If the "saving..." icon has finished and you don't see any pathways in the topic, try refresh your browser.

To make the topic visible to learners / observers you will need to share it to them.

Step 8: Click share with groups

Step 9: Choose the groups you'd like to make this topic visible to.

Note unlike the Learning Library, only people with the correct roles (Admin / Observers) will be able to see a Supervisor Library (learners cannot see a Supervisor Library).

This topic will now be visible to the selected groups under their own Supervisor Library in their My Tasks.

Impersonate a person from one of the groups and view their supervisor library to see the result.

You've created a Supervisor Library