Reading Time: 2 minutes 50 seconds

This tutorial will go through:

  • Creating a pathway with an observation step
  • Assigning the pathway to a learner
  • Performing the pathway as an observer

See How Observation App works for a overview recap.

Creating a pathway with an observation step

Step 1: Click on Observation Checklist in the side menu

Step 2: Click on Manage

Select an observation checklist

We will not be covering authoring observations in this tutorial. You should have some sample checklists when you signed up. For more on authoring see Authoring Checklists.

Step 3: Click on Add to Pathway

Step 4: Click Create New in the dialog

Step 5: Enter a name for your pathway

Step 6: Enter a description for your pathway (optional)

Have a look at your observation step, particularly next to the word "Observer".

  • In our example the observer is "Store Manager".
  • This means anyone who is part of the "Store Manager" group can oversee a learner performing this on-the-job training and sign them off.

Step 7: Let's edit the observation step to change "Store Manager" to the group called "Observer".

  1. Click on the observation step
  2. Click on the vertical 3 dots
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Click on Observer
  5. Search and select the group "Observer"
  6. Click Save

Assign the pathway to a learner

Step 8: Click Assign

Step 9: Click Choose Learners

Step 10: Search and select "Amy Way". Click OK

  • She will be a learner who will be assessed performing on-the-job training

Step 11: Click OK to assign the pathway

Step 12: You can see a history of who you have assigned this pathway to if you click on History

Impersonate the Learner to Preview the Pathway

Impersonating a person will allow you to see the system from that user's perspective. It is safe to use as the system records it as an impersonation.

Step 13: Next to the Pathway name, click on the three vertical dots

Step 14: Select Impersonate

Step 15: Search and select Amy Way (the user you assigned the pathway to).

Step 16: In the confirmation dialog click Yes.

Allow the system to morph into Amy Way's perspective.

You will see a green bar at the top to let you know you are impersonating.

If you do not see the green bar, give your browser a refresh, and try the impersonation steps again.

An example of what you might see is below.

Click on the INFO button and you will that a dialog will pop up telling the user they cannot start this task without someone from the Observer group to oversee them.

Step 17: Un-impersonate Amy Way by clicking on UNIMPERSONATE in the top green bar.

  • You will have unimpersonated Amy Way if the green bar has disappeared
  • If you still see the green bar, try refreshing your browser and then click unimpersonate again

Perform the observation as an observer

Step 18: Click on People in the side menu.

Step 19: Search and select Jim Bass

  • You'll see that Jim Bass is apart of the Observer group.

Step 20: Click Impersonate

Click Yes in the dialog

  • Wait until the system morphs into Jim Bass'.

Step 21: Click My Supervisor Tasks.

There is a green chip with a number to indicate that Jim has an observation to perform.

Step 21: Click START on the task

Notice Jim Bass has a Start button because he is the assessor. Amy Way is the assessee, therefore cannot start the task.

Step 22: Complete the checklist as if you were assessing Amy Way performing the on-the-job training.

  • Once all required items have been checked off, the sign off button will enable

Step 23: Click Sign off now to complete the observation.

You will return back to My Tasks with the task marked as complete.

Click UNIMPERSONATE to un-impersonate Jim Bass.

You have completed the tutorial for getting started with observations!