Reading Time: 50 seconds

Observers will see a green chip with a number next to My Supervisor Tasks if there is an observation / coaching task to be performed.

Step 1: Click My Supervisor Tasks.

  • Under My Tasks you will see a list of observations you need to perform
  • You can search for the learner or task name

Step 2: Click Start to begin an observation.

  • Make sure you have the correct learner
  • The name of the learner is on the task, as well as in the assessment

Step 3: Complete the checklist while observing the learner perform the on-the-job training.

  • Once all required items have been checked off, the sign off button will enable

Step 4: Click Sign off now when you are satisfied with the observation.

You will return back to My Tasks with the task marked as complete.

This completed task will disappear off your My Tasks list

  • after 24 hours.
  • if you have logged out and logged back in.

However you can still review finished observations in My Completed Tasks list.