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SCENARIO: a Supervisor is required to observe an Employee perform some on-the-job training for compliance purposes.

Jim Bass is our Supervisor

Amy Way is our trainee

You are our Administrator


Responsible for:

  • Authoring the observation checklist
  • Authoring a pathway with an observation step
  • Assigning the pathway with the observation

Amy Way (trainee)

  • Receives notification about the observation task (in app & email)
  • Can see the observation task in My Learning
  • Cannot initiate the observation task
  • Needs to contact Jim Bass to assess her

Amy Way cannot start this task as she is the one being assessed. She will need to contact Jim Bass to complete this task.

Jim Bass (Supervisor / Observer)

  • Receives notification to perform the observation (in app & email)
  • Can see the observation task in My Supervisor Tasks
  • Needs to arrange time with Amy Way to complete the observation

On the assessment day...

  • Jim Bass can go to his My Supervisor Tasks, and search for Amy Way to bring up the observation task
  • Jim Bass can click start to initiate the assessment
  • Jim Bass can go through the checklist and observe Amy Way accordingly

On finishing the observation....

  • Jim Bass must click Sign Off to complete the assessment

The completed task will serve as a record of the on-the-job training for reporting purposes.