• You will need a gmail to access Google Drive
  • You can use 15GB of your Google Drive storage for free

Step 1: In the top bar of your Google Drive click on My Drive

Step 2: Choose "New Folder". Name and create your new folder

Step 3: Upload your PDF. You can drag and drop your files into the folder or click the NEW button in the top left.

Step 4: Click on a file you've uploaded

Step 5: Click on the link icon in the top bar of Google Drive

Step 6: Click on the toggle to turn "Link Sharing" ON... then click "Sharing Settings"

Step 7: Click on the drop down under "Link sharing on" and then click "More..."

Step 8: Choose your desired sharing setting... then click SAVE

Step 9: Click "Copy link"

If you have a large number of files you can set the sharing setting on the folder itself. This will apply to all the files with in the folder.
Simply follow steps 4 until 8 but.. select the folder instead of the file.

Step 10: Go back into xapiapps and add a PDF step into a pathway

Step 11: Paste the link in and Add the step

You have linked a PDF from Google Drive into xapiapps