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The supervisor library is where you can assign others a pathway. The pathway could be a coaching pathway, and observation pathway etc...

You can find your Learning Library in My Supervisor Tasks and then click My Supervisor Library tab.

Available topics are displayed at the top of the library. Select a topic to show the pathways associated with that topic.

To view a description of the pathway click on the pathway.

Assign a pathway to another user

Step 1: Select the relevant topic to filter the pathways

Step 2: Click Assign on the relevant pathway you want to assign

Step 3: In the dialog click Choose Learners

Step 4: Search and select the people you want to assign this pathway to

Click OK

Step 5: Click OK to assign the pathway

Step 6: When the pathway has been assigned you'll see a dialog to let you know.

Click OK

Step 7: Click on History

You'll see a list of who you have assigned this pathway to.