Reading Time: 40 seconds

Step 1: Click on Manage Apps in the side menu

Step 2: Find the SCORM Cloud app under "Activity apps"

Step 3: Click Install

Step 4: In the dialog you'll see that you need an Application Identifier and Secret Key

Step 5: Log into your SCORM Cloud account

Step 6: Click on Apps / API in the side menu

Step 7: Click on one of your apps in the list

Take note of the name of this app. 

You will need to know it for when you upload content.

If you have content already uploaded into SCORM cloud, select the one where you uploaded your content into. You can see the number of courses in the list.

In our example, the app name is:

"Initial Application for TES Realm"

Step 8: Copy the Application Identifier. Paste this into the xapiapps dialog

Step 9: Copy the Secret Key and paste this into the xapiapps dialog

Step 10: Click COMPLETE INSTALLATION to install the app