These are best practices for course contents (uploaded through SCORM Cloud) in xapiapps :

tl;dr version:

  1. Have an Exit button
  2. Add a Retake button if you want users to be able to retake the course content
  3. Use SCORM 2004 if you want to disallow retaking course content upon course content fail

Reasons behind each point:

  1. Always have an Exit button in your course content so that users can close the course content, and be directed back to xapiapps.
  2. If you want to allow users to re-do the course content, add a Retake button using your authoring tool.
  3. Use SCORM 2004 if users who fail a test means that they cannot repeat the course content
  • See point 3 of this article: SCORM 1.2 v SCORM 2004
  • In xapiapps if the course content is SCORM 1.2, the user will be allowed to repeat the task until they have successfully passed the content. If there is no retake button it will be stuck as an underway task.