This guide will cover uploading supervised content into xapiapps, and how to test the content.

Step 1: Download this sample supervised content.

supervised content sample (11.7 MB)

Step 2: Click on Learning eXperience Builder

Click on Manage

Step 3: Click New Pathway

Step 4: Name the pathway

Step 5: Click Add Step and choose Storyline Supervised

Step 6: Drag and drop the sample content you downloaded

Step 7: For the Supervisor choose yourself (this person / group will be the supervisor of the content)

Step 8: Click Add Step

Step 9: Click on the cog icon next to the pathway name

Step 10: Turn on "Multiple Underway" setting.

This will allow you to assign the pathway multiple times without having to complete each one -- perfect for when you're testing content

Step 11: Click on Assign

Step 12: Search and select a dummy learner

Click OK

Step 13: Click OK to assign the pathway

Step 14: In another browser sign in as this learner, or sign in as yourself and impersonate this learner.

In the following steps we will prefix with:

  • "Your account" when we are looking at the browser with your account; and
  • "Learner account" when we are looking at the browser with the learner account

Step 15: Learner account: You can see that the learner has the Storyline task in their learning list.

Step 16: Your account: Go to Supervisor Tasks

You'll see the Storyline content there as well

Step 17: Learner account: Click Start on the Storyline task

You will see the introductory page for the sample content.

Click Save & Exit

Step 18: Your account: Click on the Start / Resume button.

You'll see "Your learner is still in progress" and the supervisor will be locked from moving through the content.

Click Save & Exit

Step 19: Learner account: Click on the Start / Resume button and go through the content until you reach the Q & A section.

Fill the response (with anything) and click next.

You'll reach a page that says "Please contact your manager to review".

Notice also, you are unable to click prev or next.

Click Save & Exit

Step 20: Your account: Click on Resume button.

You'll see a screen that says "Please review your learner's responses".

Click on Go back and review

You'll see the page with your learner's responses and a section to leave your feedback.

Type in some feedback. Then click Save Feedback.

The content will then say "Review Completed"

Click Save & Exit

Step 21: Learner account: Click Resume button.

The learner will see a that the content has been reviewed and can go back and review the the feedback.

Learner can see the feedback left by the supervisor.

You can continue the content and click next. The process for other sections will be similar.

You can download the Storyline file for this content here (you will need Articulate Storyline to open the file):

supervised content sample storyline file (11.8 MB)

See Authoring supervised content in Storyline