Edit section

Select the pencil icon next to the section title to edit. Alternatively click on the section text itself to edit.

Re-arrange sections

  1. Go to the top bar and click on Sections
  2. Select Re-order
  3. Drag sections by holding down on the icon with two parallel lines
  4. Once you're satisfied with the ordering of sections click on "Re-order done" button at the top

Add new section

To add a new section simply click on "+ New Section" at the bottom of the assessment

Duplicate a section

Next to the section title of the section you want to copy, click on the duplicate icon.

You will notified that the section has been duplicated. You will also be able to click on the button to "Go to the section".

The newly duplicated section will be added at the end of the assessment.

The duplicated section will be appended with the word "(copy)".