Step 1: Click on Self Assessment in the side menu

Step 2: Click Manage and then New Checklist

Step 3: Name the self assessment and turn on Scoring

Step 4: Click New Question

Step 5: Click on the question tile to edit the question

Step 6: Edit the question

Step 7: Choose the Likert Scale question type

You can choose a single select or multi select question type as well. We chose likert question type as it has scores from 1 to 5 associated with each answer item already.

Step 8: Click Choose Metric and select a metric.

You should now have a self assessment where the highest score is 5 and the lowest is 1.So scoring a 5 will give you 100%, while scoring 1 will give you 1/5 i.e. 20%.

You can preview the assessment by clicking Assessment in the top bar and selecting Preview.

Step 9: In the top bar click on Assessment and select Add to pathway... and then click Create New.

Step 10: You now have a pathway with a self assessment step. Name the pathway and then click Assign.

Step 11: Select People tab and search and select yourself, and then click Next.

Step 12: Click confirm and proceed to assign the pathway to yourself

Step 13: Click on My Learning. You should see the pathway you assigned under My Learning tab in a moment.

Step 14: Click on the start button on your self assessment task.

Step 15: Select an answer in the self assessment. We have selected Agree which should give score of 4/5 i.e. 80%.Click Submit to complete the assessment.

You will be redirected back to your My Learning.

Step 16: When the task has set to complete, you can click the Review button.

Step 17: You should see the results of your self assessment including the metrics graph in the Final Results panel (this may take a moment to load and appear) .

You have authored a self assessment with metrics, and performed a self assessment with metrics!

Next step: View the metrics on your skills page.