In xapiapps

Step 1: In your xapiapps account go to Manage Apps

Step 2: Under Learning Record Stores category, select Veracity Learning app

Step 3: Click Install

You'll see that you will need an Endpoint, Username key and Password key.

In Veracity Learning

Step 4: In your Veracity Learning account select the relevant LRS you want to connect to xapiapps.

Step 5: Click Getting Started in the side menu

Step 6: Under You have an LRS ... you should see the endpoint.

Copy the endpoint and paste it into the xapiapps

Step 7: Scroll down in Veracity Learning account under You Have Keys you'll see the Username and Password keys.

Copy the Username and Password, and paste them into xapiapps

In xapiapps

Step 8: Click Complete Installation

If it has installed successfully you should see Veracity Learning in the side menu.