Step 1: Click Manage tab

Step 2: Click New Board

Step 3: There are two types of boards you can create. For this guide we'll choose Learning board.

Step 4: Name your board

Step 5: Click Add Content button

Step 6: A menu will pop up at the bottom. What apps you see in this menu depends on what you have installed.

Choose Link

Step 7: Paste in a link. 

Here is a sample one:

Step 8: Click Add to Board when done

You'll see the content appear on your board.

Step 9: Click Add Content. This time Choose YouTube

Step 10: Paste in a link from

Here is a sample one:

Step 11: Click  Add to Board when done.

You'll see the YouTube content on your board.

Step 12: Click ORGANIZE to re-arrange the content on the boards. You can also remove content in this mode.

Click ORGANIZE DONE when you're done re-arranging.

Step 13: Add a tag for this board. This is just to categorize the board.

Click ADD TAG under board name.

Click Add New

In the dialog, type in a name for your tag. Then click OK.

You'll see the tag being added.

Step 14: Select a group to share this board to.


Choose the groups you want to share the board to. Then click OK.

Step 15: When you're done configuring your board, click the PUBLISH button

When the board is published you'll see the button become flat.

You can see your published board under "My Learning" under MY LEARNING BOARDS

On the learner side, they will see it under the Boards tab in the top bar.