This guide covers publishing Articulate Rise content as xAPI / Tin Can packages. 

Step 1: Click on EXPORT in the top bar

Step 2: Next to Export Type, choose LMS

Next to LMS choose xAPI (Tin Can) (Tin Can API is the former name for xAPI).

Step 3: Identifier is important if you want to do in depth analysis in an LRS.

If you are not at the stage of connecting an LRS it is still worthwhile to keep this value unique.

A recommended identifier is:

<organisation_website>/xapi/<software_tool> / <unique_course_id>

Replace the following:

  • <organisation_website> : your company website but don't include https://
  • <software_tool> : the name of the software tool you're using, in this case "storyline"
  • <unique_course_id> : this value should be unique for each content you publish. A good rule of thumb is to use the title and the date you first published (no spaces)

    • e.g. code-of-conduct-20181205

Your identifier might look something like:

It is a good practice to keep track of your identifiers so you don't accidentally reuse them for separate courses.

Also note that if you re-publish your content and change the identifier, an LRS will treat the content as two different courses. So don't change your identifier when you re-publish, unless you want this effect.

Step 4: Next to Tracking in side menu. Select the completion method that suits you.

Step 5: If you plan to support iOS (iPhone / iPad) devices we recommended turning on exit course link. In xapiapps, content played on iOS devices requires it's own exit link.

Step 6: Click Export in the top bar. 

Your package will automatically download.

You have published an xAPI / Tin Can package from Rise!

Next step: Upload Articulate Rise content into xapiapps